Press Release – Remembering Professor John W. Senders, Human Factors Pioneer

Professor John W. Senders, who joined the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering (MIE) department in 1974, passed away on February 12, 2019 due to complications from pneumonia, two weeks before his 99th birthday.

Senders will be remembered fondly for his many achievements over the course of his life and seven-decade career in academia. He was considered by many as one of the pioneers in the field of Human Factors Engineering, the study of human interactions with technology and systems. Human Factors Engineering focuses on creating safer and more cost-effective systems in areas such as healthcare, manufacturing and defence.

Senders’ groundbreaking activities in the nascent field of human error research eventually led to his interest in patient safety and medication errors. He was one of the founders of Canada’s Institute for Safe Medication Practices, an organization committed to advancing medication safety. Senders also introduced the Failure Mode and Effects Analysis technique for medical safety through the American Institute for Safe Medical Practices in 1994.

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