Engineering a better healthcare system

We pioneer data-driven research to improve system efficiency and enhance patient care.

The Centre for Healthcare Engineering (CHE) at the University of Toronto provides a bridge between academia and the healthcare sector, translating the latest research findings to impact practice and offering educational opportunities for students and practitioners.

New MEng project opportunities available for 2020


Innovative technology for older adults

Prof. Mark Chignell showcased a driving simulation to empower the elderly to experience the outside world “even when they have limited mobility.”

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Healthcare industry opportunities

Learn about some of the tools developed at the Centre for Healthcare Engineering.

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Placement map

Project profiles

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News Item – Coronavirus: Here’s why experts, health officials want you to stay away from public parks

April 1, 2020

As well, the National Institutes of Health wrote that the novel coronavirus has the ability to stay on inanimate surfaces… Read more »

Opportunity – Access Control Assistant at New York General Hospital

March 19, 2020

On a practical level, the successful applicant will Provide information to the public including directions to various destinations Administer screening… Read more »

News Item – Campaign aims to map Toronto-area defibrillators

March 1, 2020

A new initiative aims to map every defibrillator in the Toronto area in an effort to save lives. The GTA… Read more »

Press Release – Google recognizes machine learning and computer systems experts with Faculty Research Award

February 28, 2020

U of T Engineering professors Scott Sanner (MIE, CHE Affiliate) and Vaughn Betz (ECE) are among this year’s recipients of… Read more »

Press Release – New plan to modernize home and community care in Ontario

February 25, 2020

Ontario is introducing the Connecting People to Home and Community Care Act and posting proposed new regulations under the Connecting… Read more »