Engineering a better healthcare system

We pioneer data-driven research to improve system efficiency and enhance patient care.

The Centre for Healthcare Engineering (CHE) at the University of Toronto provides a bridge between academia and the healthcare sector, translating the latest research findings to impact practice and offering educational opportunities for students and practitioners.

Dionne Aleman (CHE Affiliate) in the news covering the COVID-19 pandemic

A new tool to quickly and efficiently redeploy hospital staff


Innovative technology for older adults

Prof. Mark Chignell showcased a driving simulation to empower the elderly to experience the outside world “even when they have limited mobility.”

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Healthcare industry opportunities

Learn about some of the tools developed at the Centre for Healthcare Engineering.

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Placement map

Project profiles

Pandemic Outbreak Planner

morPOP is a computer-based model developed to simulate disease spread through a population, use graph theory to optimize public health policies for the purpose of mitigating outbreak impact, and answer what-if scenarios concerning pandemic spread. Examples of questions that could be answered with the model include...

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News Item – New Grad Profile: IndE Alumna Tammi Hawa’s role in the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out

February 25, 2021

After completing her undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering, Tammi Hawa (IndE 1T8+PEY, MASc 2T0) knew she wanted to further focus… Read more »

Event – CARTE Industry Speaker Seminar: Building data science solutions for personalized health and medicine, Shiva Amiri (Feb. 26)

February 25, 2021

On February 26th, The Centre for Analytics and AI Engineering (CARTE) hosts Shiva Amiri, Director of Research Infrastructure at 23andMe, who… Read more »

News Item – COVID-19: Mass-vaccination clinics being established in municipalities, but province mum on details

February 21, 2021

Dr. Timothy Chan, an engineering professor and director of the Centre for Healthcare Engineering at the University of Toronto, said… Read more »

News Item – Toronto’s COVID-19 bike lane expansion boosted access to jobs, retail: U of T study

February 19, 2021

With COVID-19 making it vital for people to keep their distance from one another, the city of Toronto undertook the… Read more »

Event – INFORMS Healthcare Conference 2021 (July 21-23)

February 18, 2021

Despite rapidly developing technology, new data sources, and process advances, healthcare delivery in general remains reactive and hospital centered.  Further,… Read more »

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