Engineering a better healthcare system

We pioneer data-driven research to improve system efficiency and enhance patient care.

The Centre for Healthcare Engineering (CHE) at the University of Toronto provides a bridge between academia and the healthcare sector, translating the latest research findings to impact practice and offering educational opportunities for students and practitioners.

Dionne Aleman (CHE Affiliate) in the news covering the COVID-19 pandemic

A new tool to quickly and efficiently redeploy hospital staff

An simple spreadsheet tool to get a feel for the number of beds to reserve for COVID-19 patients

Inputs are the number of COVID patients expected per day, average LOS of these patients, total number of beds, and desired coverage of COVID patients as % probability. Outputs are the number of beds to be reserved for COVID patients according to desired coverage.
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Innovative technology for older adults

Prof. Mark Chignell showcased a driving simulation to empower the elderly to experience the outside world “even when they have limited mobility.”

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Healthcare industry opportunities

Learn about some of the tools developed at the Centre for Healthcare Engineering.

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Project profiles

Pandemic Outbreak Planner

morPOP is a computer-based model developed to simulate disease spread through a population, use graph theory to optimize public health policies for the purpose of mitigating outbreak impact, and answer what-if scenarios concerning pandemic spread. Examples of questions that could be answered with the model include...

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News Item – Why Canada must stand on guard for possible second wave

June 26, 2020

“Going from no schools to some form of schools provides a whole new environment for COVID-19 to spread, even if… Read more »

News Item – Will Canada see a second wave of COVID-19? This is what other countries are seeing

June 25, 2020

“Going from no schools to some form of schools provides a whole new environment for COVID-19 to spread, even if… Read more »

News Item – Is Toronto really ready to reopen? These 4 charts explain why some experts are urging caution

June 22, 2020

While the city’s numbers are better than what they were a month ago, “every stage of reopening should be approached… Read more »

Opinion – Why is Ontario still locked down?

June 20, 2020

University of Toronto professor and CHE affiliate Dr. Dionne Aleman stated that “Younger people should not be comforted by statistics… Read more »

News Item – After months of criticism, Ontario is overhauling COVID-19 data collection. Here’s why some say it could be a game-changer

June 18, 2020

“This is exactly what I’ve been hoping the province would do from day one,” said Dionne Aleman, a professor and… Read more »