Graduate Courses

MIE561 Healthcare Systems

MIE561 is a capstone course. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to integrate the Industrial Engineering tools learned in previous courses by applying them to real world problems. While the specific focus of the case studies used to illustrate the application of Industrial Engineering will be the Canadian health care system, the approach to problem solving adopted in this course will be applicable to any setting. This course will provide a framework for identifying and resolving problems in a complex, unstructured decision-making environment. It will give students the opportunity to apply a problem identification framework through real world case studies. The case studies will involve people from the health care industry bringing current practical problems to the class. Students work in small groups preparing a feasibility study discussing potential approaches. Although the course is directed at Industrial Engineering fourth year and graduate students, it does not assume specific previous knowledge, and the course is open to students in other disciplines.


MIE1616 Research Topics in Healthcare Engineering

This course reviews a wide variety of methodologies in the healthcare sector. Although many of the problems of O.R. in healthcare are analytically similar to problems in other industries, many others are quite unique due to certain characteristics of the healthcare systems. For example, the possibility of death, quality of life, difficulty of measuring quality and value of outcomes, multiple decision makers (doctors, nurses, patients, administrators), and the concept of access to healthcare as a right. We consider strategic problems of system design and planning (large allocation decisions), operational and tactical problems of management, monitoring and control methodologies; and medical management involving disease detection and treatment models.

Pre-requisites: Intro to Operations Research (deterministic and stochastic)

M.Eng. students require pre-approval from professor.


MIE1623 Methods in Healthcare Engineering

This course illustrates the use of industrial engineering techniques in the eld of healthcare. Common strategic, tactical, and operational decision-making problems arising in healthcare will be approached from an operations research perspective. Unique aspects of healthcare compared to other industries will be discussed. Real-world datasets will be provided to illustrate the complexity of applying standard operations research methods to healthcare.


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