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New Item – Targeted strategies for interdisciplinary innovation

July 10, 2024

News Item – U of T Engineering professor addresses maternal care disparities for racialized patients in U.S. health care

March 5, 2024

News Item – More start-ups, applications in health-care, questions around flaws and CO2 emissions: AI predictions for 2024

January 7, 2024

Press Release – MIE research addresses reducing racial/ethnic maternal care disparities in a special issue on healthcare equity

January 4, 2024

News Item – Five ways artificial intelligence is improving health care in Canada

December 27, 2023

Press Release – Developer-in-the-loop: Building human-compatible approaches to source code summarization

December 7, 2023

Press Release – U of T and partner hospitals are improving patient care with new data tools

November 24, 2023

Press Release – How AI could help optimize nutrient consistency in donated human breast milk

November 20, 2023

News Item – Could drones one day speed AED delivery to cardiac arrest scenes across the U.S.?

November 6, 2023

News Item (Korean) – Center of global artificial intelligence R&D: Why Canada is on the rise

November 6, 2023

Press Release – Researcher focuses on automation tools to ease strain on health-care system

September 7, 2023

Press Release – New human-centred automation tools could ease stress on overburdened health-care systems

August 29, 2023

Press Release – Meet five U of T Engineering graduate students awarded 2023 Vanier Scholarships

August 29, 2023

Press Release – Three U of T Engineering professors honoured by the Engineering Institute of Canada

January 10, 2023

Press Release – Professor Michael Carter receives 2023 Julian C. Smith Medal from the Engineering Institute of Canada

January 6, 2023

Press Release – U of T Engineering professor investigates maternal health disparities experienced by racialized patients in U.S. clinical systems

October 21, 2022

Press Release – Attracting top talent: How one U of T Engineering search committee redesigned its hiring process

August 31, 2022

Press Release – Timothy Chan named U of T’s associate vice-president and vice-provost, strategic initiatives

August 5, 2022

Press Release – Sanjeev Chandra, Mark Chignell and Craig Simmons among nine U of T Engineering faculty to receive 2022 Connaught Innovation Awards

March 31, 2022

News Item – How data science could enhance water practices and equity in India

February 22, 2022

Meet Myrtede Alfred, MIE’s newest IndE professor

September 2, 2021

Press Release – Optimizing patient prioritization for admission to rehab among four projects powered by Connaught New Researcher awards

August 27, 2021

Opinion – The puzzle of a riddle in a conundrum

November 15, 2020

Press Release – Connaught Global Challenge: How big data can help athletes and sports teams play smarter

October 5, 2020

News Item – Campaign aims to map Toronto-area defibrillators

March 1, 2020

Press Release – New plan to modernize home and community care in Ontario

February 25, 2020

News Item – How one hospital tackles hallway medicine, starting in the emergency room

February 13, 2020

News Item – Canada is lagging on ‘virtual’ health care: medical association

February 11, 2020

News Item – New coronavirus study places incubation period at around 5 days

January 30, 2020

Press Release – Commonwealth Fund International Health Policy survey, 2019

January 30, 2020

News Item – AI detects breast cancer as accurately as expert radiologists, study finds

January 2, 2020

Press release – CHE affiliate elected Fellows of the Engineering Institute of Canada

December 13, 2019

Press Release – From automated vehicles to operating rooms: Human Factors researcher Birsen Donmez studies human and technology integration

December 10, 2019

News Item – ‘Bed blockers’ costing Ottawa hospitals millions

December 9, 2019

News Item – Provincial government announces Ottawa Health Team, first in Ontario

December 6, 2019

News Item – Introducing ‘Tip-Tap’ Waterloo’s new sci-fi tech for surgeons

December 1, 2019

News Item – Ontario government starts merging health agencies

November 13, 2019

Press Release – Canada’s patient safety performance below OECD average

November 7, 2019

News Item – New remote robotic brain surgery could revolutionize aneurysm, stroke treatment

November 6, 2019

News Item – Ontario announces new $60M facility for brain and mental health at Sunnybrook

November 4, 2019

News Item – Yukon doctors see untapped potential in ‘virtual care’

November 2, 2019

News Item – Long-term care waiting lists will grow despite additional new beds: Ontario’s fiscal watchdog

October 30, 2019

Press Release – WHO expert panel on digital health meets for first time

October 25, 2019

Press Release – Ontario Investing in Health Care Research

October 24, 2019

News Item – Tech in T.O.: Figure 1 app helps medical professionals examine cases from around the world

October 23, 2019

Press Release – Ontario One Step Closer to Creating 15,000 New Long-Term Care Beds

October 1, 2019

Blog – Keeping patients from falling through the cracks in Canada’s health-care system

September 30, 2019

Press Release – WHO welcomes landmark UN declaration on universal health coverage

September 23, 2019

News Item – Surrey teen’s cardiac arrest leaves family pleading for defibrillators in schools

September 12, 2019

News Item – Precision medicine helping more people survive blood cancers: report

September 4, 2019

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