Press Release – From automated vehicles to operating rooms: Human Factors researcher Birsen Donmez studies human and technology integration

If you have dreams of reading a book or taking a nap while your self-driving car safely navigates city streets, you will have to wait awhile.

That’s according to Professor Birsen Donmez who works in the field of Human Factors, one of eight research areas at the University of Toronto’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE).

Human factors engineering is the study of human and technology integration. Donmez and her research group, the Human Factors & Applied Statistics Lab (HFASt), use a driving simulator to study different automated vehicle systems with the goal of making them as safe as possible.

Donmez’s interests extend beyond automated vehicle research and into the healthcare sector. One of her other main projects is studying distractions and interruptions faced by healthcare personnel in operating rooms.

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