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News Item – Will my kids be safe?

Dionne Aleman, industrial engineering professor, CHE affiliate and pandemic modeller: There is evidence to suggest that one-metre distancing is almost as effective as two-metre. But, the one-metre and two-metre radii are derived from experiments with people talking at normal volumes and the distances that droplets from their noses and mouths spread. When kids are sitting at desks, are they talking in a normal conversational tone?

Full article at: Toronto Star (PressReader)

News Item – Where are you most likely to encounter COVID-19 in Toronto? Check our interactive map

Dionne Aleman, an associate professor and CHE affiliate at the University of Toronto and an expert in pandemic modelling, says the presence fo the virus in the community could have an impact on what happens in schools. “So much is unknown about how COVID is transmitted among kids and from kids to adults,” she said.

Full article at: Toronto Star (September 4: Newscaf, World Newj)

  • Your chance of encountering COVID-19 in Toronto just went up. Check our interactive map to see where the risk is greatest (September 3: Welland Tribune)
  • 这些图说明问题 相聚的人越多遭遇病人风险越大 {These figures show that the more the people, the greater the risk of encountering patients} (September 3: CFC News)

News Item – Are U of T’s fall reopening plans safe? No, say some community members

“The safest course of action is obviously to require any course content that can be delivered online, to be delivered online,” Dr. Dionne Aleman, an associate professor of industrial engineering and CHE affiliate at U of T with expertise in pandemic spread, said to The Varsity.

Full article at: The Varsity

Academic publication – Modelling resource requirements and physician staffing to provide virtual urgent medical care for residents of long-term care homes: a cross-sectional study

The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak increases the importance of strategies to enhance urgent medical care delivery in long-term care (LTC) facilities that could potentially reduce transfers to emergency departments. The study objective was to model resource requirements to deliver virtual urgent medical care in LTC facilities.

Full article at: CMAJ Open 8: E514-E521

News Item – Ontario optometrists are redirecting patients to ERs to protest underfunding

Dionne Aleman, an associate professor and CHE affiliate at the University of Toronto who specializes in pandemic planning, told the Star’s Jesse McLean that sending a patient with a minor problem to an emergency department is akin to using them as “cannon fodder” in their fight with the province.

Full article at: Toronto Star (August 10: The Record,

  • Editorial – Ontario’s optometrists should stop penalizing patients in their fight over funding (August 12: Toronto Star)

Press Release – Five MIE professors receive promotions this summer

Congratulations to Birsen Donmez (CHE Affiliate), Roy Kwon and Lidan You on their recent promotion to Professor. The Department is also celebrating Amy Bilton and Eric Diller for receiving tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor.

Full article at: U of T MIE News

News Item – What Doug Ford and Ontario got right – and wrong – in four months of fighting COVID-19. We asked seven experts to weigh in

The Star spoke to seven epidemiologists to analyze the province’s responses to COVID-19 from March through June. We gave the researchers a timeline of decisions made by Doug Ford’s government, plus other key moments, and asked them to comment on actions they considered good, poor or somewhere in between.

Full article at: Toronto Star (July 18: Guelph Mercury, Hamilton SpectatorPeterborough Examiner, St. Catharines StandardWelland Tribune)

  • Ontario vs. COVID-19: What have we learned? (July 18: Toronto Star // Press Reader)

News Item – COVID-19: A second wave?

Continuing with everyday life, while taking new precautions during the COVID-19 pandemic is our ‘new normal’. Social distancing, facemasks and working from home are all terms we need to grow accustomed to and while the daily cases have decreased and protocols eased, it’s not over yet.

Dionne Aleman’s research has never been more relevant.

Full article at: Vibe 105 TO

News Item – MIE students and Prof. Scott Sanner collaborate with LG Sciencepark and win Continual Learning competition at international conference

Zheda Mai (MASc Student), Jihwan Jeong (PhD Candidate), CHE Affiliate Prof. Scott Sanner and team member Hyunwoo Kim (LG Sciencepark) won first prize in all categories in the CLVision Challenge held at the 2020 virtual Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference. Their entry beat out 79 other teams including some top Continual Learning/Computer Vision teams in the world from both industry and academia.

Full article at: MIE News – U of T

News Item – Why Canada must stand on guard for possible second wave

“Going from no schools to some form of schools provides a whole new environment for COVID-19 to spread, even if it spreads more slowly among kids, which means that there will be an inevitable uptick in cases,” said Dionne Aleman, a University of Toronto professor, CHE Affiliate and an expert in pandemic modelling.

Full article at: Toronto Star (April 26: PressReader)

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