Job Opportunity – Senior Analyst & Project Manager [1-Year contract] (Mar. 31)

This is a unique role where the successful candidate will have the opportunity to help entrench innovative ways of operating into a relatively new regulatory organization. Amongst other responsibilities, the successful candidate will:

  • Plan, implement, evaluate and refine the organization’s overall business intelligence, analytics, and operational risk control strategies.
  • Employ best practices in research, analysis and consultation with stakeholders to understand cause and effect, identify emerging issues and problems, provide insights on operational processes, and to support evidence-based decision- making.
  • Collaborate with management, IT and team members to develop and implement processes for the operational risk control program and, regarding data and systems governance.
  • Lead or participate in project groups, including project planning and maintenance, strategy development, metrics development, execution and evaluating effectiveness of selected risk control strategies.
  • Provide integrated analytical summaries and compelling reports to inform decisions, status or where changes in direction are required.

Advertisement from: Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority