Press Release – Minister Philpott highlights significant investments to improve access to home care

Canada’s publicly funded health care system is a source of great pride for all Canadians, and an essential foundation for a strong and prosperous nation. The Government of Canada is investing in our health care system, to ensure that it innovates to provide care to all Canadians, now and in the future.

As Canadians are living longer and with increasing rates of chronic diseases, the kind of care they need is best delivered in the community and at home, not necessarily in hospitals and in doctors’ offices. However, the reality is that for many patients, these care options are simply not available or adequate to meet their needs. On any given day, approximately 15% of hospital beds are occupied by patients who would be better off or would prefer to receive their care at home or in a community-based setting.

That is why the Honourable Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, today highlighted the importance of the Budget 2017 investments for home care during a visit to the Saint Elizabeth Centre in Markham, where she met with staff, healthcare providers, and patients.

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