News Item – Canada ranks well in global health care access study, but room for improvement

Canada has scored well in a global study to assess how effectively countries use their healthcare systems to avoid preventable deaths, but the country still has plenty of room for improvement.

The first ever Healthcare Access and Quality Index, released Friday, measures citizens’ access to quality health care by focusing on the death rates of 32 diseases that are usually easily treatable. Those diseases included:

  • several forms of treatable cancer, such as testicular and skin cancers (not including melanoma)
  • heart disease and diabetes
  • tuberculosis and other respiratory infections;
  • illnesses that can be prevented with vaccines (diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and measles);
  • maternal and neonatal disorders.

The study concludes that far too many people died from causes with well-known treatments in 2015 — even in countries with strong economies.

Full article at: CTV News