Press Release – Canadian Medical Association 2017 General Council speech: Health Minister Jane Philpott

Here’s my bottom line: For Canada to thrive, we need to improve the health of our most vulnerable people. To do so successfully, we need Canada’s doctors to be actively engaged in population health.

We entered medical school with a desire to serve people in need, to improve people’s health. Most doctors see this as our top priority – providing high quality care for individual patients.

Curiously, when it comes to the health of the population as a whole, it is not entirely clear what role doctors have.

What obligation do we bear toward people who don’t find their way into our clinics or hospitals or who don’t get there soon enough? Who is responsible for the health of vulnerable populations? If not doctors, is it hospitals, regional health authorities, public health departments, governments, or patients themselves?

Surely improving population health is a shared responsibility.

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