Possible Electives offered outside the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

A selection of courses offered outside the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering could be considered for completing the MEng Certificate in Healthcare Engineering.

If you are interested in enrolling in these courses for this purpose, you must contact CHE before the start of the semester.

When submitting your request to take one or more of these courses as part of your program to complete the MEng Certificate in Healthcare Engineering, please note:

  1. Less than half of the courses for your MEng Certificate in Healthcare Engineering should come from this list.
  2. Prerequisites are required for some of these courses (please check course descriptions).
  3. Please include an explanation for choosing the course(s).

Relevant Courses Offered Outside the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering

CHL5201Biostatistics for Epidemiologists I (statistics prerequisite)
CHL5300Public Health Policy
CHL5401Epidemiologic Methods I (statistics prerequisite)
HAD3010Fundamentals of Improvement Science
HAD5010Canada’s Health System and Health Policy I
HAD5011Canada’s Health Care System
HAD5301Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology and Health Care Research
HAD5728Performance Measurement in Healthcare: Theory and Application (instructor permission required)
HAD5730Economic Evaluation Methods for Health Services Research
HAD5744Introduction to Health Econometrics (statistics prerequisite)
HAD5745Where Health Economics Hits the Road: Practical Applications of Economics to Real Health Care Problems
HAD7001H-S1Critical Perspectives in Health Policy and Law
KMD2002Technologies for Knowledge Media
MHI2001Health Informatics I
MHI2002Health Informatics II (prerequisite: MHI2001)
MHI2008Project Management for Health Informatics
MHI3000H-FProcurement in Health Informatics
MHI3000H-F1Big Data Analytics for Health Care
MHI3000H-F2Introduction to Big Data for Health
MHI3000H-F3Interoperability Standards in Health Informatics
MSC4001HFoundations in Resuscitation Science Research
RSM2017Pharmaceutical Strategy
RSM2020Health Sector Strategy and Organization
RSM2059HSHealthcare Consulting (Available for Spring 2017; Registration Info)
RSM2083HSSpecial Topics in Strategic Management – Healthcare Innovation (Available for Winter 2017; Registration Info)
RSM2120Health Economics and Policy

The list of relevant required courses and electives offered by the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is found with the program description for the MEng Certificate in Healthcare Engineering.