Job Opportunity – Senior Data Science Specialist CHART (Nov. 15)

The main roles of a Data Scientist (called a Senior Data Science Specialist at St. Michael’s Hospital) are to design scientifically rigorous approaches to examining data, apply advanced analytical techniques to healthcare data, and translate the findings into meaningful, applied knowledge for end users. This includes conceptualizing study designs, creating statistical analysis plans, conducting and interpreting analyses, and reporting findings in an applied manner. The Data Scientist role is a service-based role, rather than a traditional academic research role. However, depending on the interests of the individual, some level of academic engagement can be explored. Each Data Scientist at the LKS-CHART (Li Ka Shing Centre for Healthcare Analytics Research and Training) has an area of specialization, such as biostatistics, machine learning, simulation modeling, biostatistics and financial analytics. The area of specialization for this Data Scientist position is operations research with a focus on simulation modeling.

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