Press Release – How U of T Engineering startup Nymi found an unexpected business niche

Karl Martin (EngSci 0T1, ECE MASc 0T3, PhD 1T0), Nymi’s CEO and co-founder, says pharmaceutical manufacturers need to track what their employees are doing on the production line at all times. It’s not so much an issue of security, he says, as it is a need to create an audit trail for regulators in case something goes wrong.

“You have workers who are entering passwords 100 times per shift,” Martin says. “A worker on a production line literally gets a pop-up every few minutes and has to enter a password.”

Not surprisingly, such frequent interruptions make it difficult to get much work done, translating into lost profits. Hence, Nymi’s revamped sales pitch for the Nymi Band positions it as a way to boost productivity without compromising security.

Full article at: U of T Engineering News