Internship Opportunity – West Park Healthcare Centre

The duration of the Internship proposed for a M.Eng. student will be determined according to the University’s academic requirements, the Student’s schedule and the Hospital’s project timelines.

A student stipend will be provided.

West Park Healthcare Centre is building a new Hospital on its 27-acre park-like site, beside the Humber River Valley in Toronto. In the new Hospital there will be an alcove for storage supply associated with each of the 314 inpatient bedrooms, located outside of the patient bedroom but immediately adjacent to the entrance. These storage supply alcoves are designed to reduce the waste which results from excess supplies being stored inside patient rooms, requiring disposal upon patient discharge due to possible contamination. The purpose of the internship project will be to define an efficient and effective solution to streamline the supply management and replensihment process and reduce inefficiencies.

Description of Internship

Please contact Prof. Mike Carter for more information.