CHE Obtains OCE Grant with Mackenzie Health

The Center for Healthcare Engineering is excited to partner with Mackenzie Health Richmond Hill Hospital, who was recently awarded an OCE grant to conduct a study on their new Innovation Unit. The Innovation Unit is outfit with “smart” beds that have a triage nurse call system and can collect data about a patient’s room. Each medical professional in the unit is outfit with an RFID tag and a portable cellular device to allow them to be better equipped to handle patient needs.

CHE will be leading a simulation study based on the Internet of Things approach the hospital is using in this unit. The purpose of the study will be to analyse how intelligent rules for alerts will impact the workflow. These rules concentrate mostly on how patient calls are routed to nurses. A discrete simulation model will be constructed to test these rules and try to see which ones can be implemented to create positive changes in workflow.

We are delighted to work alongside Professor Nicole Mittmann, who will be leading a healthcare economic study on the Innovation Unit.