Press Release – Falling through the cracks: The tragic story of a life failed by the heathcare system

Greg’s unexpected and sudden death resulted in the Continuity of Patient Care Study Report published by the Health Quality Council of Alberta. The report outlines Greg’s case and found four breaks in continuity of care. Professor W. Ward Flemons was the Study Lead for the report and he developed a relationship of trust with Greg’s family, in spite of their frustrating interactions with the healthcare industry. At the time, Professor Flemons taught the importance of teamwork and communication to first year medical students at the University of Calgary and suggested that Greg’s family pursue telling Greg’s story through film. He thought a film could be a very effective and powerful learning tool for his students. Greg’s family worked with a talented production team, including a director and actor from CBC’s Heartland, to create the short film Falling Through the Cracks: Greg’s Story.

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