Podcast – COVID-19 and the U.S. border, Not many Canadians want an election & There is a good reason why the Blue Origin rocket looks like that

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The U.S. will not be opening its borders to non-essential travel until at least August 22, while Canada is already planning to open up to Americans on August 9. Why are we out of sync? Is this just reasonable from the U.S. perspective?

Why is there so much pushback against billionaires going to space? Are people just not excited enough about space flight anymore?

Guest (4:20-24:22): Dionne Aleman, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering; Director, Medical Operations Research Lab at the University of Toronto; Affiliate, CHE

Recording at: Curious Cast (July 21: Apple Podcast, Omny FM, PlayerFM)