Graduate Research

Current Candidates


CandidateStart year
Ph.D. (sh.)
Elnaz Ziad
Mahsa Zokaee
Mahsa Lashgari
Parnian Azimzadeh
Healthcare human resource planning
Kyle Juliao
Taylor Martin
Nursing workforce planning
Ph.D. (sh.)
Suting Yang
Using data analytics and simulation to reduce single-entry waitlists for surgical scheduling at UHN.
Ph.D. (flex)
Alvin Cheng
Understanding the complexity of youth mental health access and capacity planning, with application of system dynamics and system science methods to identify holistic approaches to better outcomes for this population.
Ph.D. (sh.)
Pardis Seyedi
A blockchain-based appointment problem in healthcare
Pooja Bhalerao
Modeling the supply and demand of internists in Ontario using the system dynamics approach.
Ph.D. (flex)
Arun Dixit
Application of machine learning algorithms to improve patient flow and timely access to services in large community hospitals.



Past Candidates

Year(s)DegreeCandidateThesis Title
2022-2023M.Eng.Omar AnjumForecasting patient wait time and evaluating human factors of the wait experience in the emergency department at St. Michael’s Hospital
2022-2023M.Eng.Tianjian ChenPrivate transport for non-urgent patients
2022-2023M.Eng.Harry (Pei Ye) LiChemo therapy scheduling
2021-2023M.A.Sc.Rejuana AlamDesign of the trauma bay units in the Sunnybrook ED
2021-2023M.A.Sc.Melina FartajBed capacity planning at UHN
2021-2023M.Eng.Richard HoangDesign of trauma bay in ED at Sunnybrook
2017-2022Ph.D.Jenya DoudarevaDevelopment of a generic emergency department discrete event simulation model
2020-2022M.A.Sc.Dylan CamusMRI simulation at JDMI/UHN
2020-2022M.A.Sc.Daire CrawfordMachine learning methods of risk evaluation for community-acquired Clostridioides difficile infection in Ontario
2020-2021M.Eng.Maisie BrownCOVID-19 vaccine clinic decision support planner
2020-2021M.Eng.Maliha ImamiToronto Western Hospital non-emergent spine care QBP planning system: operationalizing dynamic response To funded surgery volumes
2020-2021M.Eng.Caiden ChiChest masculinization surgeries in Ontario
2020-2021M.Eng.Brigid O’RiordanOutpatient clinic schedule optimization at West Park Healthcare Centre
2019-2021M.A.Sc.Sara KetabiUsing machine learning algorithms for clinical decision support for breast cancer screening at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center
2019-2021M.A.Sc.Fan JiaA data-driven optimized two-stage appointment scheduling model for CT simulation and radiation treatments
2019-2021M.A.Sc.Jamie Ji Min KimData driven inpatient bed demand forecasting model for surge mitigation
2019-2021M.A.Sc.Sherry Xiarui XieA stochastic programming approach for nurse workforce planning under uncertainty in a hospital context
2015-2021Ph.D.Tahera YesminSmart hospital applications
2020M.Eng.Varun AbrahamCanadian Mental Health Association – Compressed workweek scheduling
2020M.Eng.Annie Yexin HuPatient flow simulation at Medcan
2018-2020M.A.Sc.Tammi HawaReimagining the operating room inventory as a center of savings
2018-2020M.A.Sc.Suting YangBig data insights into MRI demand and wait time
2017-2020M.A.Sc.Megan ChanStaffing in the emergency department: A discrete event simulation approach
2018-2019M.Eng.Scott OdorizziSt. Michael’s Hospital patient flow modelling in the emergency department
2017-2019M.A.Sc.Leyi ChangCapacity planning and scheduling of a nurse resource team (NRT)
2017-2019M.A.Sc.Deyvison MedeirosImproving timely access to emergency diagnostic imaging via data analysis and discrete event simulation
2017-2019M.A.Sc.Pavel ShmatnikALC populations in Ontario – A data driven approach to targeted policy design for specific patient populations using a time-variant state space model
2016-2019M.A.Sc.Mina AlirezaeeTesting the resource allocation of dialysis centre at Scarborough Health Network
2016-2019M.A.Sc.Jing GuoInnovation in low back pain care in Ontario – ISAEC program evaluation
2018Ph.D.Carolyn BusbySimulation modelling of hospital capacity and flow
2017-2018M.Eng.Varun MyagenData visualization and system dynamics study for the mental health program at North York General Hospital
2016-2018M.A.Sc.Andrew LeungGeneric policy evaluation model in a multi-facility diagnostic imaging setting
2016-2018M.A.Sc.Emma PienaarThe application and extension of a generic hospital simulation model to predicting patient flow at a hospital
2016-2018M.A.Sc.Christian SilvaSimulation model to assess the impact of a centralized scheduling policy for imaging procedures in Ontario
2016-2018M.Eng.Manuel CasasEvaluation of the impact of timely and quality discharge summaries on re-admission rates to tertiary/acute care hospitals
2015-2018M.H.Sc.Christopher StewartMackenzie Health: An analysis of a "Smart" Internet of Things Approach to Healthcare
2012-2018Ph.D.Hootan KamranSpatio-temporal and class-imbalanced data analytics in healthcare
2016-2017M.Eng.Yidan XieAllocation of future funding for residential hospice beds in Ontario
2013-2017PhD (committee)Kristen PitzulOutcomes and costs of post-acute care pathways in hip fracture patients: Implications of trade-offs in resource allocation
2016M.Eng.Nour Abu El-SaadAnalyzing the lengthy wait time issue for hip/knee replacement surgeries at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
2016M.Eng.Carson FongNRT staffing optimization at the Scarborough Hospital
2016M.Eng.Parisa SadeghiAnalyzing the lengthy wait time issue for hip/knee replacement surgeries at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance
2014-2016M.A.Sc.Salem JabrPredicting short-term hospital inpatient bed needs for up to four days in advance
2009-2016Ph.D.Brendan EaganAmbulatory clinic scheduling
2008-2016Ph.D.Ali Vahit EsensoyWhole-system patient flow modelling for strategic planning in healthcare
2015Ph.D.Anna GraberOperations research methodologies to improve the quality, accessibility and equity of primary care
2015Ph.D.Mahsa ShateriResource allocation and risk analysis of dialysis centres
2015M.A.Sc.Tsoleen AyanianHealth human resource planning of physiotherapists and occupational therapists in Newfoundland and Labrador
2015M.A.Sc.Amanda BellEmergency Department wait time modelling and prediction at North York General Hospital
2015M.A.Sc.Carly HenshawImproving patient transportation performance by developing and implementing a generic simulation model
2015M.A.Sc.Janet IzumiRedesigning an outpatient pharmacy workflow using generic simulation modelling to maximize a renovation opportunity
2015M.A.Sc.Azadeh MostaghelInvestigation of suitability and feasibility of home dialysis
2015M.H.Sc.Sabrina TangCT capacity planning
2015M.Eng.Karin AyanianInter-professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC) pilot at UHN
2015M.Eng.Tony ChenSimulation and analysis of patient scheduling
2015M.Eng.Farshid HaghighiDemand forecasting for various cancer services
2015M.Eng.Maleeha ShahzadaToronto East General Hospital value stream map
2014Ph.D.Shoshana GoldbergChemo therapy scheduling
2014M.A.Sc.Jacqueline ChanModeling the gynecologic oncology workforce using system dynamics
2014M.Eng.Samira Khan-BabaPre-admission unit template scheduling at Mount Sinai Hospital
2013Ph.D.Daphne SniekersA generic simulation-based perioperative decision support tool for tactical decisions
2013M.A.Sc.Jenya DoudarevaImprovements to information flow in the physician order tracking process
2013M.H.Sc.Ronak GandhiIncreasing the daily throughput of echocardiogram patients using discrete event simulation
2013M.Eng.Paulette HolthamGIS mapping of Emergency Departments in Ontario: Ministry of Health
2013M.Eng.Noura KamaliCentral intake and waitlist management for the Toronto Public Health Blind Low Vision, Infant Hearing and Speech and Language Program
2012M.A.Sc.Michael BeelerThe Use of Simulation Methods to understand and control pandemic influenza
2012M.A.Sc.Tian Mu LiuA generic bed planning model
2012M.A.Sc.Jonathan WangOn quantifying and forecasting Emergency Department overcrowding at Sunnybrook Hospital using statistical analyses and artificial neural networks
2012M.Eng.David KochbergSustainable change in healthcare through process improvement: A case study in Newfoundland endoscopy
2011M.A.Sc.Deborah LoachSimulation model for a colonoscopy suite
2011M.Eng.Adelaide HungSample workflows for primary care practice
2010M.A.Sc.Pamela ChanPredictive modeling of Emergency Department wait times for abdominal pain patients
2010M.Eng.Sweeny ChhabraSimulation modeling to investigate the reduction of patient wait-times for emergency surgery while maintaining the volume of elective surgery patients at a tertiary care centre
2009Ph.D.Somayeh SadatTheory of constraints for publicly funded health systems
2009Ph.D.Sonia VanderbyAn investigation into the suitability of applying system dynamics to patient flow modelling
2009M.Eng.Jackie AchonuAn analysis of the brachytherapy suite at the Odette Cancer Centre
2009M.Eng.Agnita PalNeed for supportive housing and community support services in Central East Local Health Intgration Network (CE LHIN)
2009M.Eng.Tammy SieminowskiEstimating length of stay for complex rehab patients
2008M.A.Sc.Ali Vahit EsensoyEvaluation of the demonstration project to direct low acuity ambulance patients into urgent care centres to improve ambulance availability
2008M.A.Sc.Peggy LiUtilizing discrete event simulation to evaluate colon cancer surgical capacity
2008M.A.Sc.Vincent LingDesign of a balanced scorecard to measure Emergency Department patient flow in a Canadian teaching hospital
2005-2008M.A.Sc.Rodney LauApplying discrete-event simulation to orthopaedic clinics: Case studies and perspectives
2007M.A.Sc.Rasha RashidiModelling and optimization of patient flow at the Diagnostic Imaging Department of Trillium Health Centre
2007M.Eng.Wendy LamAn initial mapping of Ontario’s colorectal cancer patient journey
2006Ph.D.Arielle LasryModelling HIV intervention funding allocations
2006M.A.Sc.Jean Hai Ein YongApplying operations research to improve resource utilisation in a cardiac surgical service
2005Ph.D.Holly JinScalable sensor localization algorithms for wireless sensor networks
2005M.A.Sc.Govind AdaikappanModelling the neonatal ICU at Mount Sinai Hospital
2005M.A.Sc.Caroline ChanAllocating resources by modeling cardiac patient flow using a system dynamics approach
2004M.A.Sc.Renata KopachFinding the optimal switchover level between two levels of demand in a blood bank
2004M.A.Sc.Somayeh SadatA system dynamics approach to modeling cardiology patient flow in Trillium Health Care Centre
2004M.Eng.Joseph KimReport on information privacy in health care
2004M.Eng.Melanie LamReport on information privacy in health care
2004M.Eng.Vivian WongSimulation model for cardiac patients in BC
2003M.A.Sc.Carolyn BusbyPredicting waiting time for home care in Simcoe County
2003M.Eng.Jason LinAn analysis of decision support requirements and the design and its implementation at Mount Sinai’s Temmy Laetner Centre for Palliative Care
2003M.Eng.Sandra MinatelValidity and location of safety stock of “A” items for critical care units in a healthcare supply chain
2003M.Eng.Phu VuADT system reporting: Providence Centre
2002M.A.Sc.Yaron DermanMathematical models for predicting hospital bed availability for the following day
2000M.Eng.Mowafa HousehA proposed graduate program for the Centre for Information Management and Technology in Healthcare
2000M.Eng.Adrian KumarSimulating yard traffic in a new Loblaws Companies Ltd distribution centre
2000M.Eng.Erika Lafond-LewisQuantifying the impact of stochastic variance on total production time estimations during validation of deterministic factory capacity models
2000M.Eng.Larry SzetoOn the use of PDAs at Baycrest Centre of Geriatric Care
2000M.Eng.Bogdan (Paul) TicuA comparison of portfolio selection models applied to the Toronto Stock Exchange
1999M.Eng.Rebecca ChanManaging wait time and resource utilization in a home care Centre: Simcoe County CCAC
1999M.Eng.Edmond ChungManaging wait time and resource utilization in a home care Centre: Simcoe County CCAC
1998Ph.D.Keith JawahirAn algorithm for the continuous Caster Steel scheduling problem
1997Ph.D.Ardavan Asef-VaziriA loop material flow system design for manufacturing plants (co-supervised: C. Sriskandarajah)
1997Ph.D.John BlakeA goal programming approach to resource allocation in acute care hospitals
1997Ph.D.Kourosh EshghiExistence and construction of a graceful valuation of 2-regular graphs with three components (co-supervised: J.V. Abrham)
1997Ph.D.Leo Lopez GarciaUsing Tabu search for scheduling the hot strip rolling mill in steel production
1997Ph.D.Daniel GordonImproving information systems design to support continuous quality assurance in hospital (Biomedical Engineering – shared)
1996M.A.Sc.Andrew AsaA decision support system to meet the post-schedule staffing needs of a hospital nursing unit
1996M.A.Sc.Mona KiraguScheduling therapist personnel at a sport clinic: A flexible staff scheduling system
1995M.Eng.Christine KahilOptimization of coil slitting at a brass and copper rolling mill
1994Ph.D.Dijian ZhouA polyhedral approach for solving the distributed module assignment problem
1994M.Eng.Makoto ShibataEngineering task assignment problem
1993Ph.D.Sheldon HuAn optimization model of a printed circuit board manufacturing problem
1993M.A.Sc.Sharon ZhuHospital census control through operating room scheduling
1992M.Eng.Prasad BhamreProduction planning and software requirements: Upper Canada Brewing Company
1991M.A.Sc.Rhea PloskerA cost model for coal fired electrical generating stations
1990M.A.Sc.Laura LoganComputerized plant layout improvement heuristic
1989M.A.Sc.Drew van CampA nonlinear optimization approach for solving facility layout problems
1988M.A.Sc.Nova WoodburyScheduling N jobs on M machines in a deterministic environment
1988M.Eng.I. Y-H. NgApproaches to network decomposition
1988M.Eng.Victor SitschA hybrid algorithm for scheduling secondary school examinations
1987M.A.Sc.Victoria OldsA continuous approach to the solution of a class of equality-constrained quadratic zero-one programming problems
1986M.Sc.Stephen ShewCographics in timetabling problems (Computer Science – shared)
1986M.Eng.T. AlguindiqueImproving Gomory’s fractional cutting plane algorithm for integer linear programming problems
1986M.Eng.K.A. El-SahliExperimental results on a hybrid algorithm for examination timetabling
1986M.Eng.Keith FullerA Lagrangian relaxation approach to the classroom assignment problem
1985M.Eng.David SchellTimetabling application at Two Ontario high schools with cross-registration (Management Science, Univ. of Waterloo – shared)
1983M.Eng.Zafer BuckeyDevelopment of a Quadratic Integer Programming algorithm for ‘multiple choice’ equality constraints
1983M.Math.Frank LeddyCourse timetabling methods (Combinatorics and Optimization, Univ. of Waterloo – shared)



Graduate Student Internships

DateDegreeCandidateProject title
2012 SummerMasters: Twente Univ., NetherlandsLaura HoffmanCollaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital
2012 SummerMasters: Twente Univ., NetherlandsGreanne LeeftinkCollaboration with Mount Sinai Hospital
2008 SummerMasters: Tech. Univ. of Vienna, AustriaWolfgang BucheggarLiterature review for hospital capacity planning
2006 SummerMasters: Twente Univ., NetherlandsRink KraakmanModel health human resources at the Cardiac Care Network of Ontario
2005 SummerMasters: Twente Univ., NetherlandsMagreet van der DriftInvestigation of waiting times at the Fracture Clinic of Toronto Western Hospital

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