Undergraduate Research

YearStudent NameTopic
2024Vanathi Anpalagan, Sylvia Chen, Sandy Lam, Yaowei (Harry) ShenCapstone: Medication reconciliation processes at Humber River Hospital
2024Yuntong Bo, Hedy (Xioahua) Ding, Zitong (Sylvia) Li, Xinyu Wang, Tiffany Yuxin ZhangCapstone: Supply process improvement at Humber River Hospital
2024Andrew Barton, Emma Beaumont, Alexandra Hon, Maia KanceljakCapstone: Humber River Hospital
2023Erica Barriatos, Audrey Natasya, Farah Rahman, Leelavathi VutukuruCapstone: Development of a strategy for registration re-design at Humber River Hospital
2023Eileen Yiran Liang, Xinyu Liu, Sally Siyu Sun, Yaowen WuCapstone: Workforce database at Michael Garron Hospital
2023Niloufar (Niloo) Alirezaie, Sydney Anonuevo, Albert Ding, Kyle JuliaoCapstone: Statistical analysis of the supply and demand for resources to
support the patient population in the Scarborough Health emergency department
2023Raissa Amuruz Dulanto, Sarah Angelou, Sarah Mansour, Kellise WilliamsCapstone: Decision support tools to reduce the current psychiatrist waitlist at North York General Hospital
2023Kyle JuliaoSummer: Lung cancer patient process mapping at PMCC
2022Samer Anabtawi, Josh Bangera, Yisen Wang, Zongchi XieCapstone: Demand forecasting and capacity planning tool at Grandview Kids
2022Ziyuan Wang, Boxiao Gasun Wei, Jason Yang, Scott ZhangCapstone: Demand forecasting and capacity planning tool at Grandview Kids
2022Kelvin LoSummer: Designing a self-questionnaire tool to categorize projects at UHN
2022Matthew MaSummer: Ontario Ministry of Health vaccine logistics
2022Edward XuSummer: SickKids Hospital: Room allocation design for new ambulatory clinic tower
2022Jessica ZhouSummer: Ontario Ministry of Health vaccine efficiency
2021Mohamed Abdellah, Eric Chan, Sahar Karimiabdolrezaee, Chengyun YangCapstone: Measuring operating cost savings from the 6S supply cart optimization project and redesigning inventory management policies at North York General Hospital
2021Burak Böcügöz, Alissar Hamie, Natalie Milevsky, Hamzah Nasser Capstone: Forecasting daily ED patient demand by hour and by zone
2021Jenny Graydon, Nathan Ling, Teresiah Muiru, Samin Parsa, Alisha VohoraCapstone: North York General Hospital OmniCell medication dispensing system & hospital acquired conditions
2021Hassan AfricawalaSummer: Interface design for patient flow simulation at UHN
2021Robin Haoyuan XueSummer: Clinic scheduling for Westpark Health Hospital
2020Sarang Athare, Akhil Mathur, Aile Hyeryn Shim, Wanting XieCapstone: North York General Hospital: Regional Geriatric Program
2020Zain Esmail, Hader Syed Shahin, James Valencia, Michael WongCapstone: North York General Hospital: Cardiac Care Clinic (Winner of Industrial Engineering capstone competition 2020)
2020Claire Goldsmith, Irene Halim, Jennee Tjew, Daniel Han XuCapstone: North York General Hospital: Medical imaging process analysis
2019Prabhat Adhikari, Christopher Cheng, Saiyu Sheng, Jong Seo ParkCapstone: North York General Hospital: supply cart optimization
2019Xuanhui (Emma) Chen, Sharlene Shao Hsuan Peng, Ye (Susan) Xiang, Juntian (Mia) ZhangCapstone: North York General Hospital pharmacy project
2019Xiying Iris Li, Francisco Vargas, Yuhong Alisha Yang, Kexin Isabelle ZhangCapstone: Predicting inpatient bed demand at North York General Hospital
2019Huiqing Lu, Jia Qi Cherry Xi, Jiayue Carl Niu, Pratana CharoenkitkarnCapstone: North York General Hospital: Portering process optimization
2018Tammi Hawa, Dareen KutobPredicting the future workload for clinical pharmacists at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital
2018Maria Bucheli Teran, Haya Elaraby, Kathy Huynh, Klajd KapllaniCapstone: North York General Hospital ACS schedule analysis
2018Ashley Tiribelli, Aron Sankar, Kanishk Chadha, Viren SharmaCapstone: Analytical dashboard for tracking and forecasting operating room usage at North York General Hospital
2016Nadim Barakat, Brendan Leung, Krystle Pang, Danielle RipsmanCAMH Addiction Medicine Service: Booking a better future
2016Huda Bilal, Isis Gutierrez, Matthew Jamieson, Michael LuAn analysis of Princess Margaret’s REACH clinic and the associated patient flow
2016Anna Kotlov, Jaquelyn Monis Rodriguez, Madeleine WhiteAn analysis of process efficiency at the CAMH Temerty Centre for Therapeutic Brain Intervention (ECT) (Winner of Industrial Engineering capstone poster competition 2016)
2015Marissa Goldsmith, Wongsathorn Leelavivat, Betari Prakoso, Armin TabriziCapstone: Medication reconciliation process improvement at St. Michael’s Hospital
2015Dimpho Radebe, Jingyu (Ivy) Zhang, Tawfiq Dasanah Abdulai, Jingfei Fay ChenCapstone: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: Addiction Medicine Service (AMS), intake and discharge process improvement (Winner of Industrial Engineering capstone poster competition 2015)
2014Muhammad Ali, Tea Palamarevic, Buser SayPlanning and scheduling of the nursing resource team at Scarborough Hospital
2014Jana Azzam, Michael Capan, Thaksha Kaneshapillai, Rocio LaredoPatient scheduling for CT scanners at NYGH
2014Michael Chahley, Dogan OzgurcanAnalysis of housekeeping staffing at Mt. Sinai Hospital
2014Mary QiuCost effectiveness of the Chemo at Home program with Cancer Care Ontario
2013Bernadette Gavin, Terry NgNeurovascular operational modeling project
2013Franklin Ko, Peter TanCapstone: Modeling the impacts on patient flow of introducing a Neurovascular Unit at Toronto Western Hospital
2013Basil Luceno, Kyriakos MarouchosCapstone: Reducing X-ray wait times for Emergency Department patients at Mt. Sinai Hospital
2012Becky Gan, Wayne LinCapstone: Improving process flow at SickKids Hospital Rheumatology Clinic
2012Bernard Ho, Tony LiaoCapstone: Pre-admission facility process redesign at St. Michael’s Hospital
2012Laura Hofman – Twente University Summer internshipThe Post-Anaesthetic Care Unit: Process improvement challenges and opportunities
2012Greanne Leeftink – Twente University Summer internshipImprovement of the ambulatory laboratory operations at Mount Sinai Hospital
2011Karin Ayanian, Jenya Doudareva, Tasmi HaqueCapstone: The Rapid Diagnostics Center process improvement at Princess Margaret Hospital
2011Jane Ip, Tze YanEffects of income, rural residence and education on use of publicly-funded home and community care services
2011Heyse Li, Jordan Lue, Anna ShewCapstone: Improving patient flow in Sunnybrook Hospital’s Emergency Department
2010Juan Paolo del Puerto, Sapna MehtaModeling patient destination selection policies for Toronto EMS
2010Kelvin Lui, Jonathan WangDevelopment of a computer model for William Osler Health Centre to predict and plan for a pandemic influenza surge
2010Tyler TsangPre-hospital selection of optimal STEMI reperfusion strategy in Ontario
2008Alexandra Barrett, Tiffany ChowPhlebotomy lab process improvement at UHN
2008Gillian Chin, Jason CokeEMS Call Centre capacity analysis using queueing and simulation (Winner: 2008 Centennial Thesis Award)
2008Eric Chow, Andrew TaylorSurgical scheduling at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
2007Gouri Angadi, Yi Ming ChenOptimization of patient length of stay at Bridgepoint Hospital
2007Christina Hang, Kenneth ShekLean thinking in the Mount Sinai Hospital microbiology lab specimen management process (Winner: R.F. Moore Thesis Award)
2007Taabish Hassan, Andrew NovakA redesign of the Mt Sinai Hospital Emergency Department ambulatory care area
2007David Hui, Jeffrey RosenCreating an efficient preadmission process at St. Joseph’s Health Centre
2007Natasha Lalani, Ivan YuenAn analysis of the forecast model for nurse staffing at the University Health Network
2006Pam Chan, Carolyn MachnikAnalysis of EMS drop off delays at four Toronto hospitals (Winner: R.F. Moore Thesis Award)
2006Greg Dashwood, Hafeez KassamAnalysis of the Surgical Processing Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Toronto
2006Denise Figueiredo, Nimesh ShahSimulation of the Fracture Clinic at the Toronto Western Hospital
2006Teresa Schirripa, Pauline WuAnalysis of patient intake for the early speech and language program at Erinoak Children’s Centre
2005A. Chick, S. HickeyAnalysis of operating room assignment processes for Neurosurgery at Toronto Western Hospital
2005V. Clark, T. NgaiTranscription analysis at Bloorview MacMillan Children’s Centre
2005M. Henderson, L. YuToronto Rehabilitation Hospital
2005P. Rahman, Z. RejaliMDS inventory analysis
2004A. Eremenko, N. PaladinoAn assessment of the efficiency of the operating rooms at the Toronto Western Hospital
2004F. Fiumara, K. SutherlandAnalysis of the intranet for the Medical Imaging Department at the University Health Network
2004W.-L. Liu, C. YiuEvaluation of staff scheduling software for the Toronto Medical Laboratory Rapid Response Unit
2003Z. Baldwin, I. NicholSystematically evaluating the quality of data used to produce Key Performance Indicators at the University Health Network
2003A. Brans, C. ChanDemonstrating value of the EPR at Sunnybrook & Women’s College Health Science Centre (Winner: 2003 Centennial Thesis Award)
2003B. BregmanInvestigating the value of the patient tracking system and electronic whiteboard in the Emergency Department at the Toronto General Hospital
2003C. Campbell, N. ChenNursing workload evaluation – A study of non-direct care activities performed by nurses at the Toronto General Hospital
2003M. Dosanjh, J. Wyndham-WheelerToronto Western Hospital Neurosciences critical care patient flow analysis
2003J.-M. Hartnel, J. Au-YeungA study of EDI at St. Michael’s Hospital
2003A. Hung, T.-Q. VuInvestigating the patient length of stay in general internal medicine at the Toronto Western Hospital
2003A. Kolos, S. VanderbyElectrophysiology Department process improvement at the Toronto General Hospital
2001A. Chan, W. LamEnterprise-wide patient scheduling at the University Health Network
2001E. Fisher, K. Law, E. TrinhAnalysis of implementing an radio frequency identification system at St. Michael’s Hospital
2001C. Gonsalves, T. YuDevelopment of requirements for a perinatal information system at Mount Sinai Hospital
2001H. Huang, C. WongChemotherapy scheduling and unit process analysis at the Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre
2001B. LoyPortfolio optimization – An Asset allocation problem
2001J.C.-S. TseImproving electrocardiogram processes at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre Emergency Department
2000K. Duffin, E. LauRe-designing the patient registration process at Mount Sinai Hospital’s Rheumatology Clinic
2000N. Kerrigan, M. LeBed availability and utilization as a function of capacity – Department of Cardiology, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre
2000M. Lam, S. MaligecConsolidation of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s emergency crisis services: A feasibility study
2000A. Lawrence, M. LeeThe development of a strategy for implementing a decision support system – Department of Nephrology, Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre
2000H. Patterson, K. PhillipsThe Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s bed assignment problem
1999D. Baillie, A. PalPsychiatric emergency services analysis for CAMH
1999E. Chan, K. KwanImproving the linen control at St. Michael’s Hospital
1999L. Chan, M. WuOperating rooms efficiency at Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre
1999J. Kim, W. LeeAn analysis of the preparation and packaging area of the regional processing centre at the Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre (Winner: 1999 Industry Award)
1999R. Kopach, J. YuDevelopment of a multi-criteria selection model for resource allocation for Simcoe County CCAC
1999V. Light, E. SchwartzMount Sinai Hospital’s network - Project planning and recommendation for an effective Migration (shared with M.J.M. Posner)
1999V. Loh, P. YuComputer deployment and printer reallocation for CAMH
1999A. PrismanDevelopment of an automated course timetabling system for a Jewish Secondary School (shared with M.J.M. Posner)
1998S. BarrettOptimization of students placed in the University of Toronto Co-Op program in management and finance
1998Z. Bhujwalla, J. LinHIV clinical information system review and design: Toronto General Hospital
1998R. Chan, I. LeeDevelopment of a comparable performance indicator utilizing length of stay: Mt. Sinai Hospital
1998M. Kwok, E. ChungImproving the laundry system in a health care environment at St. Michael’s Hospital (Winner: 1998 Centennial Thesis Award)
1997A. Angel, R. KhayatThe automation of the data acquisition processes for the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre balanced score record (Winner: Centennial Thesis Award)
1997J. Batucan, P. WongSecondary prevention clinic data base design and implementation: Cardiovascular Patient Service Unit, Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
1997L. Cannistraci, A. MohammadokhtA model to improve the quality and efficiency of food distribution in the long term care facility at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
1997D. Chung, B. NgaiResident scheduling for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto
1997A. Coutinho, M. PapagniOff service patient management system for general medicine at Sunnybrook Health Centre
1997S. de Souza, R. ZupancicImproving the process in the Emergency Department at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
1997M. Ho, J. NgDevelopment of the Critical Care Patient Service Unit balanced scorecard at Sunnybrook Science Centre
1996A. Battacchio, A. BoulosReengineering of the Cardiac Surgery Unit at Sunnybrook H.S.C.
1996R. Bleichman, J. MaldaReducing medically unnecessary days
1996C. Leung, B.C. WongProcess improvement in radiation oncology
1996M.A. Milazzo, M. VivonaThe continuous process improvement of the patient booking procedure and patient file for the Catheterization Laboratory at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre
1996A. Mitha, K. ReidTurn around time in the operation room at Mount Sinai Hospital
1994S. Au, C. NgExamination scheduling for special services at the University of Toronto
1994B.T. Comiskey, J. MosselsonDemand forecasting system: Upper Canada Brewing Company
1994H. Isenberg, C. JianAnalysis of nurse scheduling software for Mount Sinai Hospital
1993A. Asa, A. KanceljakDesign and implementation of a graduate student database
1993C. Menezes, M. PriceDecision support system: Upper Canada Brewing Company
1992B. Camire, W. GutierrezProduction scheduling for VTR Video
1992J.A. Colosia, M. CostaDecision making Model for a budgeting and planning system
1992K.K. Lui, M.L. NgDepartment of Family and Community Medicine (DFCM) resident scheduling program
1991S.Y. Lee, J.L. LoboCreating a user interface for the exam scheduling program at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto
1990H.E. OhligExamination timetabling for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto
1989A. Arcaro, R. GarbaliauskasPresentation analysis and recommendations for groundwood order acceptance system for Abitibi-Price Systems Department
1989T. Do-Ky, Z. Lam, A. WonATZ circuit board scheduling system
1989S.F. Jajarmi, K.M. LawDynamic slide line set-up and scheduling system for DMS circuit pack manufacturing in Northern Telecom Limited
1989H. Shum, A.L. SperdutiInventory management at IBM
1987S. Boutsikou, A. RichardsReduction of throughput line thermal calibration process at Federal Pioneer in Markham
1987T. Darolfi, B. PopadiukAn investigation of the feasibility of an uninterruptible power supply for Liton Systems Canada Inc.
1987W. Paolucci, I. TropakAn evaluation of available production scheduling systems
1986L. Alegre, M. KoyanagiPisces Speed-Up (Imperial Oil)
1986M. Convertini, T. Di Iorio, S. WagmanOptimization of distribution through customer allocation at Central Canada Grocers Inc.
1986W.F. Skolud, R.H. WitteDirect product profitability applications for grocery retail operations at Loblaws Supermarkets Inc.
1985D. Chau, P. SinghA lease-purchase comparison and policy development for National Grocers (Ottawa) transportation fleet
1985E. Chen, L. MaThe scheduling of backhauls for central services of Loblaws Limited
1985G. DiadamoA model for constructing random timetable data
1985K.J. Maly, T.H. MoranA proposed robotics application for the automation of the palletizing/depalletizing operations at National Grocers
1985R.S. Schnurr, D.A. StuartA heuristic approach to a multi-product scheduling problem
1984M. Bell, D. SzechyManpower planning and scheduling for Air Canada
1984M. CatzOn the application of random graph models to the timetabling problem
1984J. Chiaramonte, J. PeriProduction scheduling of the carton manufacturing industries
1984J. Cundari, C. MasciarelliProduction planning at William Neilson Limited
1984A. SchnurrA vehicle replacement policy study
1983A. Arrizza, P. KarellasA feasibility study of the rover system at National Grocers Co. Ltd.
1983P. Bhargava, C. DrouliasClique finding as applied to timetabling
1983B.D. Calder, M.V. LuceyA dispatching support system for an electronics repair facility
1983Y. KordiukA study of timetabling at secondary schools
1983H.P. LindenThe assured quality production system: A tool for the future
1983P.J. SelbyAn analysis of the packaging system at Ortho Diagnostic Systems, Inc.
1982T. Catcher, C. MarchildonA case study of minimum profitability levels and their uses for National Grocers Co. Ltd.
1982B. Goulios, J. Leaver-PowerAn analysis of the least time discipline and forecasting methods at National Grocers Co. Ltd.
1982J. Koschitzky, M. MortsonVehicle routing procedures in theory and in application

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