Undergraduate Teaching

2024MIE 363Operations and Supply Chain Management
2023MIE 363Operations and Supply Chain Management
2022MIE 363Production and Operations Management
2021MIE 363Production and Operations Management
2020MIE 363Production and Operations Management
2019MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2018MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2018MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2017MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2016MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2015MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2015MIE 358FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2015MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2014APS 111ESP Seminar
2014MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2014MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2013APS 111ESP Seminar
2013MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2013MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2012MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2012MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2011APS 111ESP Seminar
2011MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2011MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2010APS 111ESP Seminar
2010MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2010MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2009MIE 258FEngineering Economics & Accounting
2008MIE 191SIntro to Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
2008MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2007APS 111FEngineering Strategies and Practice (Seminar series)
2007MIE 191SIntro to Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
2007MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2006APS 111FEngineering Strategies and Practice (Leader & Coordinator)
2006MIE 191SSeminar in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
2006MIE 265FIntroduction to Systems Engineering
2006MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2005MIE 191SSeminar in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
2005MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2004MIE 191SSeminar in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
2004MIE 265FIntroduction to Systems Engineering
2004MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2003MIE 165SIntroduction to Systems Engineering
2003MIE 561SHealthcare Systems
2001MIE 165SModelling Integration Systems
2001MIE 561SHealth Care Systems
2000MIE 165SModelling Integration Systems
2000MIE 496YThesis/Design Project
2000MIE 561SHealth Care Systems
1999MIE 165SModelling Integration Systems
1999MIE 561SHealth Care Systems
1998MIE 561SHealth Care Systems
1996MIE 466FDecision Analysis
1996MIE 461SHealth Care Systems
1995IND 413FDecision Analysis
1994IND 209SDeterministic Systems Modelling
1993IND 413FDecision Analysis
1992IND 413FDecision Analysis
1992IND 426SScheduling
1991IND 309SDecision Methods for Industrial Engineering
1991IND 413FDecision Analysis
1990IND 413FDecision Analysis
1990IND 416SScheduling
1989IND 413FDecision Analysis
1989IND 416SScheduling
1988IND 413FDecision Analysis
1988IND 416SScheduling
1986IND 413FDecision Analysis
1986IND 414FApplications of Management Services
1985IND 413FDecision Analysis
1985IND 414FApplications of Management Services
1985IND 607FDecision Analysis
1984IND 413FDecision Analysis
1984IND 414FApplications of Management Services
1983IND 413FDecision Analysis
1983IND 414FApplications of Management Services
1982IND 413FDecision Analysis
1982IND 414FApplications of Management Services
1981IND 413FDecision Analysis
1981IND 414FApplications of Management Services

Mike Carter

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