Media Interviews

  1. The Varsity, April 1, 2023 “Canada needs more doctors. Why is it so hard to get into medical school?”
  2. CBC Radio, May 22, 2021 “Made-in-Canada solution: ‘Hockey hub’ vaccine clinics are getting the job done faster”
  3. CBC News, September 27, 2020 “A little engineering, a lot of customer service: What it will take to fix COVID-19 test lineups”
  4. Globe and Mail, November 23, 2016 “New tech aims to slash hospital surgery wait times”
  5. Global News, February 9, 2016 “3.4 million Canadians had unmet health care needs in 2014: report”
  6. Engineering Dimensions magazine (featured by Mastromateo, M.), Nov/Dec 2012 “Integrating engineering and health care: It’s not all about technology”.
  7. Edge, Fall 2011 “Filling the gaps in seniors services: How Mike Carter and Ali Vahit Esensoy propose getting resources where they’re needed the most”.
  8. Hamilton Spectator, March 26, 2011 “St. Joseph’s preparing for more sick patient”.
  9. Hamilton Spectator, March 17, 2011 “City on track for worst ambulance shortage ever”.
  10. Business News Network, television interview, January 31, 2011 Healthcare delivery and efficiency, and cutting costs.
  11. The Globe and Mail, April 7, 2008 “Stepping Up to Improve Healthcare”.
  12. ADVANCE for Speech-language Pathologists & Audiologists 15(6), February 7, 2005 “Operations Research in Health Care: New perspective yields better decision-making”.
  13. Medical Post 40(1), January 6, 2004 “Modelling Health Care: A Toronto engineering professor is working on computer simulations to try and improve how hospitals operate”.
  14. Industrial Engineer 35(12), December 2003 “Hospitals biased against optimization: Simulation, sound management could reduce expenditures”.

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